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Our customers are the center of our universe and we’re grateful for them. If you’re willing to share your experience about your interaction with our agency, it’ll be a great help for other people looking to make smart and confident decisions about their insurance and financial services.

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May 24, 2023

5  out of  5 rating by Sanjun
"People are really nice in there. I went to the office to get my ID card, they are trying to offer me coffee and water, and I prefer to talk to the real person in the local office, it is easy for me to understand what's going no and what solutions I have."

Fu Mao

May 24, 2023

5  out of  5 rating by Fu Mao
"Believe or not! It is the best insurance agency. I am a full time uber driver, and as know State Farm is the only one offer TNC endorsement for gig driver, definitely worth to give it a try."

Dan Liu

May 17, 2023

5  out of  5 rating by Dan Liu
"Plenty parking spots around the office. They replied so fast every time you have questions. I can’t believe that! My god!!! Best post sale customer service. No matter what happened, they have the knowledge you need."

Zosh Kangba

May 17, 2023

5  out of  5 rating by Zosh Kangba
"Nice salesman there, you can add his WeChat in case you have a question after office hour. The sales always try to help you out."

Shiyang Zhao

May 17, 2023

5  out of  5 rating by Shiyang Zhao
"This Sate Farm office is the best one, the people there are all very nice and patient They will explain the every coverage details for you"

南港與信義據點 蘇鴻洲 志工

May 5, 2023

5  out of  5 rating by 南港與信義據點 蘇鴻洲 志工
"(Translated by Google) He is very serious and the service is great. I recommend everyone to ask him to provide services related to car insurance and house insurance. He can solve related problems immediately, which is very reassuring. (Original) 很認真服務很棒,推薦大家一定要請他服務規劃車險與房屋保險相關業務,有關相關問題都能馬上解決問題,很讓人安心"

Yukang Xu

May 3, 2023

1  out of  5 rating by Yukang Xu
"Someone hit my bumper. The other party was clearly at-fault. Unfortunately, I only held some circumstantial evidence. I decided to reach out to my agent for advice. Sunny (agent’s name) picked up my call and promised to call me back as discussing with her manager, but never does. (I waited a week) The other driver’s insurance asked to speak to State Farm if proceeding with arbitration, so I called again. Sunny answered my call, but kept blaming me for not being able to provide direct evidence, even though their own claim team concluded that the other party was at-fault. She is not willing to take any actions without footages, and insisted my indirect evidence is useless. (I had the text message from the other driver asking me to get a cost estimate on my damage, why would he ask if not at-fault?). I don’t feel I was trust and supported throughout the process. I negotiated with Tesla insurance from end to end as State Farm refused to do so. I frankly don’t think the service I got is worth ~150 per month."

Richard SAT

June 24, 2022

5  out of  5 rating by Richard SAT
"Excellent service from Mr.Chi. Never bother to understand our needs and get us the best deal. Very explanatory and speedy response. Got our insurance done under 20 minutes. Highly recommend his office."

Victoria N

March 24, 2022

5  out of  5 rating by Victoria N
"I got a new car and was so excited to drive it right away. I called Chi to receive a quote and he quickly gave me multiple options and even found a few options for additional discounts. He was so patient as I weighed the cost/benefit of various details of my plan and ran several calculations to understand how this would affect me. Highly recommend. Patient and effective!"

yuacn lin

March 2, 2022

5  out of  5 rating by yuacn lin
"(Translated by Google) I just moved to California and needed to change my car insurance. Jiang Chi patiently explained the various insurance coverages to me. In addition to the garage, he is also very good at life insurance. It is worth recommending! (Original) 剛搬來加州要換車子保險,江遲很耐心給我解釋了各項保額,除了車房,他在人壽保險方面也很在行,值得推薦!"


November 17, 2021

5  out of  5 rating by Jackson
"(Translated by Google) Thank you very much for the help of the insurance company, after the first accident in my life I had no clue, the staff carefully helped me and explained to me, I chose this company for my first car insurance, now Yes, it will always be in the future, thanks to the serious and responsible staff, they are so kind, you deserve the car insurance! ! ! Thank you very much for the help of the insurance company. After the first accident in my life, I had no clue. The staff carefully helped me and explained to me. I chose this company for my first auto insurance. been. Thank the staff for their seriousness and responsibility. They are great. You deserve auto insurance!!! (Original) 非常感谢保险公司的帮助,在我人生中第一次出事故后我毫无头绪,工作人员仔细认真地帮助我和解释给我听,我的第一份汽车保险就选择了这家公司,现在是,以后一直都是,感谢工作人员的认真负责,他们太好了,你们值得拥有的汽车保险!!!Thank you very much for the help of the insurance company. After the first accident in my life, I had no clue. The staff carefully helped me and explained to me. I chose this company for my first auto insurance. Now, it has always been. Thank the staff for their seriousness and responsibility. They are great. You deserve auto insurance!!!"

Hongyu Lin

June 8, 2021

5  out of  5 rating by Hongyu Lin
"the whole team is super nice and responsible, I will follow agent Chi forever!!!!!"

Dennis Guo

November 7, 2020

5  out of  5 rating by Dennis Guo
"I have been working with Chi when his office opened. Chi and his team members are so amazing! When I got questions, they can answer it & help me immediately! Trust me, you will love the team with high quality services."

Jinl Zhang

August 31, 2020

5  out of  5 rating by Jinl Zhang
"(Translated by Google) I'm not one to write reviews. but! Every employee in Xiaojiang's office is very nice! Professional and patient. Very fast follow up to help me with every house, car, umbrella, life quote. Although the process is a bit complicated, they are very patient in answering every question I have. Even the claim department has Chinese service, which is my most pleasant surprise. Big companies are different. They help me manage my insurance better without any worries. I recommend it to everyone. (Original) 我不是个爱写评论的人。 但是!小江办公室的每个员工都非常好! 专业, 耐心。 非常快速跟进帮我做的每一个房子, 车子, 伞,人寿报价。 虽然过程有些复杂, 但是他们都非常耐心的解答我的每个问题。 连理赔部门也有中文服务, 这个是我最惊喜的。大公司就是不一样, 帮我更好的管理我的保险, 无后顾之忧, 推荐给大家。"


July 6, 2020

5  out of  5 rating by JUNCHAO FENG
"(Translated by Google) I bought a new car and wanted to get an insurance quote, but I didn’t expect to contact my own agent in the farmer. I found Jiang Chi by mistake. He patiently explained the various insurance amounts to me. such a broker. Must like! (Original) 买了新车想拿一个保险报价,没想到联系我自己在farmer的经纪人联系不上,误打误撞找到江迟,他很耐心跟我解释各种保额,在美国这么多年还没碰到这样的经纪人。必须点个赞!"

Yanling Wu

June 24, 2020

5  out of  5 rating by Yanling Wu
"(Translated by Google) Kevin on this team is very responsible! Helping me get the whole family insurance plan in place, time consuming but meticulous. This office is more professional in life insurance, answering all my questions seriously and analyzing the pros and cons of whole life insurance and term life insurance. Let me better combine my current needs and make financial plans. The only disadvantage may be that the location is not easy to find. It is recommended that the boss set up a sign at the door to better guide the guests. (Original) 这个团队里的Kevin非常负责任! 帮我把整个家庭的保险计划安排的妥妥当当,耗时但是一丝不苟。这个办公室对人寿保险更是专业,认真且回答我所有的问题,分析了终身寿险跟定期寿险的利弊。让我更好的结合自己当下所需,从而作出理财计划。 唯一的缺点可能就是地理位置不大好找,建议老板在门口多立个牌子,可以更好的指引客人。"

Chundi Wang

June 1, 2020

5  out of  5 rating by Chundi Wang
"(Translated by Google) Every employee in this office is super nice! With strong professional knowledge, he explained my car insurance, house insurance, and life insurance very thoroughly. Really treat customers as relatives and friends, thank you for meeting Jiang Chi. (Original) 这一家办公室里的每一位员工都超级好!专业知识强, 把我的车险,屋险, 人寿险都解释的非常透彻。真正做到把客户当亲人朋友对待, 感谢遇到江迟。"

Wu Meiyu

April 16, 2020

5  out of  5 rating by Wu Meiyu
"(Translated by Google) The boss is very responsible, serious, honest and friendly. This time because of the epidemic, Xiao Jiang took the initiative to send me a mask. Thank you very much Xiao Jiang. He still remembers our customers at such an important moment. Every time I call, he responds in time and gives me answers. I will definitely recommend it to other friends. (Original) 老板很负责任,做事情很认真,很诚实,非常有亲切感。这次因为疫情, 小江还主动给我寄来口罩, 非常感谢小江, 这种重要关头还记得我们顾客. 每次打电话,都很及时回复并给我解答,一定会给其他朋友推荐。"

Wenfan Tang

February 21, 2020

5  out of  5 rating by Wenfan Tang
"(Translated by Google) I usually don’t write reviews. The service here is super good, and the response speed is very fast. They are simply a treasure team. They explained to me clearly what I didn’t understand in the previous insurance. After the aaa policy was transferred, The same policy content is directly reduced by 900 yuan per year. (Original) 我平时真的不写评价的,这里服务超级好,回复速度特别快,简直就是宝藏团队,我之前的保险不懂的地方他们都给我讲的很清楚,之前在aaa的保单转过来之后,一样的保单内容直接每年减了900块。"

Ellsa Show

February 21, 2020

5  out of  5 rating by Ellsa Show
"(Translated by Google) I have recommended several friends to Mr. Jiang, and the feedback is very good. There are a few points from my own experience: 1. I had 2 brokers who bought car insurance before, but none of them answered questions as seriously and professionally as Mr. Jiang, and tailored our family car insurance for me. Program. The key is to save a lot. So I introduced another good friend, and she also got a good plan, which saved more than 800 yuan in one year compared with the previous plan, and she was so happy to share it with me. Including house rental insurance, some do not need to buy (I never thought about it before, stupid people buy it if they say it is good, and dare not buy it if they say it must be bought). I introduced a friend who started a company, and that was a different plan, about 30 miles away, so I still asked Mr. Jiang to buy it. I'm also very happy, it's all helpful. In a word, I have never met an insurance broker or my own insurance company who can make a plan from the customer's perspective so seriously. (Original) 我已经推荐了好几个朋友给江先生,反馈都非常好。我自己体验就是有几点:1,我之前有2位买车保险的经纪人,但没有哪一位像江先生那么认真和专业回答问题,并给我量身定制了我们家庭用车的保险方案。关键还省了不少。所以我又介绍了另外一个好朋友,她也得到了好的方案,一年下来比之前的方案省了800多,她好开心跟我分享。包括房子出租的保险,有些都不需要买(这之前都没想过,傻傻的人家说好就买,说必须买都不敢不买)。我又介绍了一个开公司的朋友,那又是不一样的方案,相差差不多30迈那么远,还是找江先生买。我也蛮开心,都帮到忙了。总之一句话吧,真没碰到一个保险经纪或者自己的保险公司可以那么认真站在客户角度做方案。"

Linda Lin

December 19, 2019

5  out of  5 rating by Linda Lin
"(Translated by Google) Mr. Jiang Chi is super friendly, it’s the first time I feel valued, our family’s team is here! It is recommended that everyone who has business, and family insurance, put Mr. Jiang here. The whole team is young and motivated, and the reply is very timely! (Original) 江迟先生超级友善啊, 第一次感觉被重视, 我们家的车队就放这里了! 建议大家有business的, 跟家庭保险, 都放江先生这, 整个团队年轻向上, 答复非常及时!"

Summer Lu

December 19, 2019

5  out of  5 rating by Summer Lu
"(Translated by Google) The service of Jiangchi Insurance Office is really good. I got the quotations for the car and the house before, and the prices are very good. The agent is also very patient. When I went to the office, I found that the whole team is very nice. If you want to find a serious and responsible insurance broker, I definitely recommend Jiang Chi. (Original) 江迟保险办公室服务真的很好,之前拿了车子和房子的报价,价格非常不错。agent也很有耐心,去到office发现整个团队都很nice。想找一个认真负责的保险经纪我一定推荐江迟。"